So Good Entertainment began with a love for music.
The founder, Jonpaul La Forgia is a pioneer in the music world.
He is very involved in the industry and has experience ranging
from DJ’ing to radio. He has worked at some of the hottest clubs
from New York to Los Angeles.

Jonpaul’s passion for music and entertaining people gave him
the inspiration to start his own entertainment agency. There was
no greater feeling for him than watching a dance floor full of
people lift their hands in complete ecstasy, free of all thoughts.
With this, came So Good Entertainment.

So Good Entertainment is a full service entertainment agency
currently serving those in New Jersey and New York to throw a
magnificent event. There is a strong team of entertainers, an
artistic in house event planner, and an outstanding photographer
whose keen eye will turn your event into an everlasting memory.
Our in-house resources are fully dedicated and well trained on all
the new and evolving trends in the industry.

Thank you for your interest. Our hope is that we can offer you our
talented staff and assist you while planning your event.

Be sure to take a look at our in-house resources. If you need an
event planned, an incredible DJ or are in need of a
photographer to take some great pictures, you have your
choice here at So Good Entertainment. For an extraordinary
event, take advantage of our package deal. Use our talented
event planner, DJ and photographer to put together a fun-filled,
creative memorable event!

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